onerios, spyral, jade, and myself went.

it rocked.

The Cheshire Catalyst listed 3 of my shirts in his THE T-SHIRTS OF H2K2. whitch some say is the difinitive h2k2 fashon resource.

I spent far too many hours in panels and ate when my companions brought me food.

It is over so you can't actully go but you can do the next best thing go virtually panels and much more are now online

If your looking for pictures I'm sad to say I have none but a new friend Grey Frequency took these.

Q:who did you meet?

A: I met a bunch of people but most notably Jello the above mentioned Grey Frequency and Mark Hosler

Q:why would you wanna go again?

A:I took so much information from the confrence I lerned things I didn't even know I wanted to learn.

Q:what where some of your favorite panels and why?

A:Tough one lemme look at the panels for awhile.

Q:what other people where doing?

A:Many where in the confrences like me alot hung out on the networking floor playing with things and socializing a few where hacking stuff some where playing music or helping run the confrence at times a group would leave to party in a room or at a local spot of their choice and some spent some time looking around NYC

Q:how did people get along?

A: Most people there get along wonderfully. there where a few who are introverted but all of them seemed ok. A few where paranoid but what do you expect. A few who where crazy but most of them where crazy cause they haden't slept so they could help out and/or get the most out of the confrence. Finally as with any crowd of this size there where a few who didn't like eachother. Overall though I would have to say that they are a community and it would be hard to find so many people who are intelligent open minded and willing to help each other in any other place.

Q:how long did it last?

A: It lasted three wonderfull days and was running 24 hours in one way or another.